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Post Workout Nutrient Timing

Posted by Team Elemetx on

Post Workout Nutrient Timing

What is the most important meal of the day?

What do you think is the most important meal of the day? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? If you didn’t say post workout, then you guessed wrong! That’s right, we are telling you your post workout is THE most important time to fuel up your body with the proper nutrients to drive recovery!

Did you know that maximizing your gains in the gym can be affected greatly just by changing your nutrient timing? How much attention are you paying to your pre and post workout protocols? If you are not paying close attention to this window, your missing the most important component of making gains.

Almost all people who frequent the gym think you need to provide your body with protein post workout. We can't agree with the practice in supplying protein to muscles post workout as the fact remains that there is digestion involved which slows down delivery considerably. This is where whey hydrolysates have the upper hand vs whey protein concentrate. However the real elephant in the room is why you are not replenishing muscle glycogen immediately post workout!

The real elephant in the room is why you are not replenishing muscle glycogen immediately post workout!

we outlined a couple of common scenarios and a third one you have probably never heard of below:

Scenario 1:

1 Scoop of Whey (30 g Protein) + Carb drink (30g Powdered Carb Drink)
Combining carbohydrates with whey seems like the best option, a lot of trainers use this protocol for their clients and its great to get immediate calories in. The problem here is digestion plays a role in breaking down this many calories post workout and this slows down the absorption of nutrients.

Scenario 2:

Rice cakes or sports drink (30-60 g simple carbs)
Carbohydrates are absolutely essential to recovery post workout to restore glycogen and transport nutrients into cells by spiking insulin. You are on the right track to recovery better than protein alone. However this does little to reduce muscle soreness and address cellular hydration - which is the most important factor post exercise.

Scenario 3:

EliteAmine + Fruit or Unsweetened Coconut water (15-20 g carbohydrates)
This is the regimen we recommend for a few reasons; It provides carbohydrates from a natural source to help restore glycogen; helps elevate insulin levels to deliver micronutrients; and provides a full spectrum of recovery ingredients like BCAAs, Hica and Sustamine®-Glutamine. The combination of EliteAmine and carbohydrates begins to work immediately and requires no digestion giving it a clear advantage over whey protein or carbohydrates alone.

My trainer says I should consume whey protein post workout!

We hate to break it to you(and your trainer), but this well practiced post-workout ritual is NOT the optimal timing to consume liquid convenience. There were 2 studies for example, where young males were randomized into 2 groups of a placebo and whey protein post-workout. The results of these study were very positive, but the findings indicate that the maximum benefits exhibited by the participants peaked 1-2 hrs post exercise! The is a clear indicator of time from onset of digestion to blood concentrations of amino acid levels. This means your body is not getting immediate nutrients - or the optimal type for optimal post workout recovery. We actually recommend you consume your protein shake before you workout, not only for convenience, but because it's an easily digestible, precise protein rich snack that will prepare your body for optimal workout recovery.

We actually recommend you consume your protein shake before you workout, and EliteAmine with carbohydrates post workout for optimal muscle recovery.

Why is EliteAmine better than other amino acid supplements

EliteAmine delivers more than just BCAAs in a synergistic formula to hydrate, signal muscle repair and help flush toxins out. BCAAs alone don’t do all this and at minimum need Glutamine present just to effectively activate muscle repair signalling. EliteAmine contains specialized compounds like Sustamine® that performs better than glutamine alone, and Leucic Acid (HICA) that can help flush out toxic leftovers from muscle building activity! It provides the body with synergy of recovery ingredients so you can feel less sore the next day and ready to perform.

Why should I combine EliteAmine with carbohydrates?

EliteAmine works best with a carbohydrate source which helps to raise insulin levels that can help deliver the active ingredients in the formula. This works in synergy with the exercise activity and the BCAAs + Glutamine/Sustamine® combination in EliteAmine that both raise p70S6k separately (p70S6k is a marker indicating mTOR synthesis which is the signal to repair/build muscle tissue). This means you can maximize the activation of this muscle building signal for hours after post workout. 

What is our optimal Pre and Post nutrition recommendation?

We suggest to make optimal gains, your food and supplement intake surrounding Training days should look like this:

• 30-40 mins prior to training consume 1 Scoop of NitroVegg

• 20 minutes prior to training take a 1/2 to 1 scoop of Payload-ATP

• Immediately post workout consume 1 serving of EliteAmine and 1 piece of fruit. For a delicious treat you can substitute a 1 can of unsweetened coconut water as a carb source and mix it with EliteAmine!

• 30 minutes post workout consume a whole meal, consisting of mainly a protein and carbohydrate balance with vegetables and low to moderate fat content.


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