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Superfood Spotlight - The Power of the Avocado

Posted by Team Elemetx on

A Vital Nutrient Dense Food

Avocado is an excellent food source and has been researched for many other benefits and not just for its fat content! An excellent source of micronutrients including Vitamin B5 (28%), Copper (21%), Folate (20%), Vitamin K (20%), Vitamin E (15%), Vitamin C (10%) and Vitamin B12 (10%) in approximately 100g of flesh. Avocado flesh is also rich in fiber and can help keep you feeling full for longer leading to less food cravings.

New Research

New research suggests great promise for Avocado and its studies related to weight loss. One recent study subjects consuming one half of an avocado fruit at lunch had a greater level of satiety and less desire to eat. A more recent study from 2015 demonstrated significantly lowered levels of LDL in the moderate-fat avocado group. 


Be sure to let avocados ripen before putting them in the refrigerator for storage. The ripening process not only makes them edible of course, but allows the monounsaturated fats to develop further increasing their biological value. 

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