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What is the BEST protein source?

Posted by Team Elemetx on

We reveal what we discovered when we formulated NitroVegg

Whey is Nothing New!

We went right back to the origins of whey right through to modern-day processing into what we know as whey protein powders today. Historically whey dates back as far as 6000 BC, where someone noticed liquid whey separating from curds (sour milk). Fast forward 5000 years where Hippocrates and Galan, founding fathers of medicine prescribed whey to their patients to cure all sorts of ailments. More recently there is also history of sickly people travelling to Switzerland to drink this healthy tonic in a spa-like environment to cure ailments deemed incurable.

The only problem with liquid whey, is it's life expectancy in this form is very short, approximately 8-10 hours before it spoils. Fast forward to the 1970's where processing of whey to powder is discovered by Frank Thomas while looking for a solution to process essentially a waste product into a usable product. During this time, dairy processors were forced with new ways to dispose of the whey bi-product left from making their cheese products. This only after the discovery that the disposal of the whey into waterways caused algae blooms, acidification and the death of fish as a consequence.

Whats Wrong with your Whey?

There are two methods of processing whey into protein powders to separate their solid components from the liquid - Micro-filtration and ion-exchange. Almost all whey today is processed using micro filtration in order to maintain protein quality - but the main source ingredient is Milk - and the companies producing cheese are the same companies processing your whey! These companies are few, and require very large multi-hundred million dollar investments to produce the facilities that can process whey products. These facilities process literally hundreds of thousands of litres of milk taken from just as many dairy cows at once!

Let's take a closer look at Milk and why it plays such an important role in the whey making process. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself stated “Milk is for Babies” “you need to drink beer when you're older” - but we’ll have to address the beer comment in another article! However in a most basic of instinct, any person could clearly come to the conclusion that cow's milk is for baby cows! Humans are the only species that consumes the lactation of another animal, and worst yet en masse and well into adulthood – even though up to 3/4 of the world’s adult population has a form of allergy to it.

More Facts About Dairy Farming:

• The Dairy and Beef industry are one in the same - After cows are done producing milk they are slaughtered for meat to be used in hamburger or other processed foods

• The number of dairy farms has reduced over the years while the number of livestock on each farm has increased

• Automation has taken much more of a role for milking the cows on modern day farms removing the human element from this process, making infections to udders common

• Dairy cows are subject to living in cramped pen style layouts where the cattle live out most of their lives and have little movement

• Cows are impregnated regularly to keep milk production high, while their baby calves are taken away after of birth causing stress to the mother

With all this industrialization of farming, genetic breeding, hormones and vaccines, certainly animal welfare was not what it was 100 years go when the average farm has grown to more than ten times today. Not to mention that the cattle industry is the number one contributor to greenhouse gasses in the world! 

Where Did This Leave Us?

After all of this research in dairy proteins, we concluded that whey was not the best option as a protein source. We set out on a mission in 2015 to create the best performing clean products and we wanted our protein product to be no exception. NitroVegg is made from sustainable protein sources; Pea protein isolate, Rice protein, Egg white, Hemp seed, chia seed, quinoa and alfalfa. This blend of protein sources offers a complete and more balanced amino acid profile to whey, is low allergen and easily digestible.

Stop waiting and get it today and see for yourself why we created a truly superior protein blend for anyone looking to move away from whey proteins! And while you're at at don't forget to enter the #ditchthewhey contest!

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