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How do I stack Elemetx® Supplements?

Elemetx® products are made to work together to maximize your performance in the gym or fitness goals. We formulate supplements that can easily be combined into your diet and exercise program, stack well and provide a maximum benefit.

How strong are Elemetx® Products?

We produce products with real kick and performance. Our products are formulated with a little extra care, and we pride ourselves in producing top-shelf products that take into consideration your budget.

Are Elemetx® products safe to use?

Absolutely! Along with quality and efficacy, safety is our top concern, and part of our core values. We would never create a product with unproven or unsafe ingredients and put your health at risk. Of course, as with all supplements or anything you consume it is recommended that you consult a qualified medical physician before you start any supplement program.

Why do Elemetx® supplements cost a little more than other brands?

We would love to create a supercar for the price of a domestic daily driver! Unfortunately this comparison describes exactly what the big problem in the supplement industry is today. Too many products are formulated to be more affordable than effective.

What is a proprietary blend?

Proprietary blends were something created based on similar principals to the food industry. Cookie company “A” doesn’t want “B” to know how they make their cookies and some supplement companies don’t want other to know either. We don’t operate that way, as we see supplements as more than that, and disclosing the amounts of ingredients is the responsible and morally ethical right thing to do.

How can I be sure the ingredients are high quality?

All of our ingredients come from the highest quality ingredient sources, and are batch tested to ensure quality and potency. We source ingredients from around the world and from ancient medicinal practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Are Elemetx® products Guaranteed Free of Banned Substances?

We guarantee our products are free from banned substances. All of our products are produced at a GMP certified facility that holds both FDA and Health Canada certifications.

Where else can I purchase Elemetx® Supplements?

You can buy directly from us or you can visit our Where to Buy page for all our retailers and find special sales and deals you can only get through them!

Is Elemetx® available outside the USA and Canada?

At the moment we are working on expanding our international distribution, please check back regularly, or follow us on social media to hear about any new countries listing products.

Why do you use only Natural Colors and Flavors?

Artificial colors and Flavoring agents are banned in some countries and can be harmful to your health. We stick to as much natural ingredients as possible with the exception of sweeteners so can ensure a great tasting product without any calories.