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Fat Burner ThermoxyShred weight loss aid burn fat
Fat Burner ThermoxyShred weight loss aid burn fat
Fat Burner ThermoxyShred weight loss aid burn fat

ThermoxyShred - High Octane Fat Burner



    Elemetx® ThermoxyShred is a new and powerful, thermogenic fat burner designed to help you achieve your fat loss goals quickly and safely.* ThermoxyShred is a fat burner truly in a category of its own, combining clinically researched standardized ingredients at effective amounts in just one capsule!* ThermoxyShred's unique formula helps increase fat burning and fat oxidation, supports metabolism, increases body temperature and activates fat-burning mechanisms.*

    ThermoxyShred features a precise blend of Caffeine, Synephrine and Willow Bark that work in synergy to promote fat loss by increasing metabolic activity and thermogenesis.* The combination of Olive Leaf and Cayenne work to support fat oxidation – the rate at which stored fat is broken down and released into the blood stream to be used up as energy.* This unique combination of ingredients has many similar biochemical mechanisms of action to the coveted ECA stack, however is a safe alternative to this popular fat burning stack.*

    ThermoxyShred also includes an array of supportive ingredients like Selenium and Chromium, which are two very important minerals often overlooked that play crucial roles in fat burning.* Selenium provides support for conversion of T4 to T3 (4x more potent) – important metabolic hormones that regulate metabolism and body temperature.* Chromium Picolinate supports improved insulin efficiency which can help deliver glucose to muscles more efficiently to produce more energy faster.* Patented BioPerine® ensures better absorption of the ingredients and maximized efficiency.*